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Water Damage in Toronto: Preventing And Reacting

Water Damage in Toronto: Preventing And Reacting

In most cases, water damage – is an unexpected flood, caused by pipe bursts, foundation or roof leaks, sewage back up, or appliances malfunctioning. It happens suddenly and starts causing damage immediately. In order to protect your personal belongings, and save on repair bills, it is important to know some prevention tips, as well as a few urgent steps that should be taken after any kind of water damage!

First of all, try to maintain your plumbing system in good working condition by performing yearly preventative inspections and small repair when necessary. Find a reliable plumber, who you can contact in case of emergency, and make sure his number is accessible to you at any time.

Whenever you leave the house, check if all the taps are properly closed; if you are going away for a few days or weeks – it is better to turn off your main water supply; if it’s winter – keep your heat on, at least at a minimum level, to make sure your pipes won’t freeze while you’re away. It is also recommended to notify your relatives or neighbours, so that they can check on your house every few days, and make sure no water damage emergency happened.

If water damage still happened – don’t panic! Here is an advised course of action that can help you save your house and keep your peace of mind!

If you have flood in your house – the first thing to do is contacting a professional water damage restoration company! Water damage in most cases is an emergency situation and it needs to be taken care of immediately! It usually takes a day or two for the insurance company to react and send an adjuster to evaluate the damage. It might take them even longer to send a team of technicians to clean up and fix the problem.

Can you imagine having still water in your house for a few days? It usually takes from 24 to 48 hours before another partner of water damage – mold – appears. If water is not extracted for 48 hours, mold growth is almost inevitable, and in most cases, mold removal is not covered by insurance. Immediate response is the most important thing in handling a water damage situation! Water Damage Toronto arrives on site within 45 minutes to provide necessary “first aid” removal and restoration actions!

Furthermore, leaving water in your home untouched can cause secondary damage to your home other than mold that you may not be aware of. As homes are built with wood in Toronto, any water that touches the framing of the house can cause structural damage if left for a couple of days. When an accident occurs you want to clean and repair your home immediately so further damage won’t be caused. A timely emergency call can save your house and personal belongings from secondary damage, and result in less total expenses. While you are waiting for the professional team to arrive, you can do some preliminary actions yourself – find your main water supply and shut it down, try to extract as much water as you can, but only if it’s clear water, and not outside or sewage water! It is vital to ensure that not to touch any water other than clear water to prevent bacterial cross contamination. Any sewage damage introduces bacteria and other microorganisms into your home which need to be clean by professionals. The last thing you want is to contaminate the rest of your home trying to clean it yourself. Additionally, there are many procedures and protocols when dealing with water damages to ensure your home is safe. By following the procedures the professionals will be able to eliminate and possibilities of cross contamination and remove the water properly and safely.    

Water Damage Toronto provides certificate of work completion, which can serve as a proof that all necessary actions were taken, in case you want to sell the house later. In the mean time you can take pictures of your personal belongings that were impacted by water damage, in the case that you need to present them to your insurance adjuster! The best action is to wait until the professionals assess the damage and what needs to be completed. Water Damage Toronto can help you save a claim. Saving a claim with your insurance can help you in the long run and prevent your insurance premium increasing. When choosing your local professionals, ensure that they have all of the proper documents so you can pick the right company for the job. Water Damage Toronto is IICRC/Clean Trust certified in all of home restoration services additional to water damage. Trust the company with all of the certifications and knowledge on how to complete a project from start to finish! Any issues with mold, asbestos and reconstruction can be solve and dealt with the same company with all the certifications.

Water Damage Toronto offers assistance in handling your insurance claims, and works with all of the insurance companies directly. It is very convenient and saves time for all parties. However, it is still very important for homeowners to know their insurance policy, including deductable and other details of their coverage. Sometimes, it helps in solving small water damage cases, when it is common understanding that filing an insurance claim is unnecessary and redundant. Water Damage Toronto can advise you on the best solution to your water damage problem!   

So, if you have water damage in your Toronto’s household, you need to:

  1. Contact Water Damage Toronto for emergency water damage services(416) 479-9211;
  2. Shut down main water supply, if you can;
  3. Take pictures of the damage, including your personal belongings, for the insurance company;
  4. Try to extract some water, if possible;
  5. Consult with Water Damage Toronto for the next steps and other alternatives.

We hope the misfortune of having water damage will never happen to you, but if it does – now you know what to do and who to call!



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