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Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services 

At Water Damage Toronto, we offer and provide solutions for all water damage issues. If a flood or water damage is not handled immediately, secondary damage can occur and worsen the situation. Here are common water repair issues that home owners deal with and Water Damage Toronto provides solutions for: 

Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration 

Sometimes the need for water damage in Toronto isn’t as obvious as water dripping through the ceiling or a sewage backup in the basement. In many cases, water damage sneaks up on property owners warping construction materials and inviting mold into your space. 

To get water damage restoration services as early as possible, pay attention to the signs of water damage. 

  • Musty or Pungent Odours (Caused by Mold or Sewage Backups)
  • Sagging or Warping Drywall and Ceilings
  • Bubbling, Peeling, or Flaking Paint 
  • Soft or Delicate Drywall 
  • Sudden Increase in Monthly Water Bills

The sooner you respond to water damage in Toronto, the faster you’ll be able to restore your property. Water Damage Toronto is a certified restoration and cleanup service equipped to eliminate water damage and its effects quickly and efficiently. 

Water Damage Toronto utilizes top-of-the-line equipment to complete water extractions. We understand the importance of using advanced technology to speed up the process and effectively restore your home back to its normal coniditon. Below is a description of our water extraction procedure. 

Dangers of Water Damage in Toronto

Flooding, burst pipes, drain backups, and sewage backups in basements all have risks associated with them. It’s always crucial that water be treated as a hazard to avoid electrical dangers, mold, drowning, and other injuries.

Besides its hazard to people, water damage in Toronto presents a significant risk to your property and its structural integrity. The most notable secondary water damages include electrical damage, wood rot, and mold. The longer you wait for comprehensive water damage restoration in Toronto, the more likely you will also need mold removal in Toronto. 

Not to worry, Water Damage Toronto will show up on-site within 45 minutes of your call for emergency water damage cleanup and will follow up with mold inspections to ensure your property is safe and strong. 

Classes of Water Damage in Toronto

To quickly assess the level of danger and contamination of water that is the byproduct of a leak, flood, or sewage backup in your basement, water damage professionals use a system of classes and categories. 

Category 1: Clean Water

This is water that results from a clean water source through faucets or pipes that are virtually clean and not contaminated. While the water isn’t an immediate hazard to your health, it’s still vital to respond quickly to clean water flooding to prevent mold while also being vigilant about electricity in the area. 

Category 2: Gray Water

This category includes water that is contaminated by chemicals or irritants that would be harmful when exposed to bare skin or if consumed. An example is an overflowing washing machine with fabric softeners, bleaches, and detergents mixed into the water. 

Category 3: Black Water

Considered the most dangerous of the three categories of water damage. Black water is highly contaminated water resulting from storm runoff, toilet overflow, drain backups, or sewage backups in the basement. This water should be avoided at all costs unless you’re otherwise instructed by a water damage expert. It can contain viruses, dangerous microorganisms, and bacteria that can make you sick.

If you don’t know what’s in the water, don’t touch it. Just call the experts at Water Damage Toronto. Our team is IICRC certified to handle all types of water damage incidents in commercial and residential properties. 


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Water Damage experts dry & clean your property, restoring your home to normal conditions.

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