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Water Remediation Procedure

Water Damage Restoration & Remediation Procedure

Water Damages are unexpected circumstances that happen to everyone. Water Damage Toronto provides solution for all water damage issues by using effective and efficient procedures, advanced equipment and a team of IICRC certified professionals to assess and extract the water from your home. 

These are the steps that will be taken for all water remediation jobs: 

1. Call Water Damage Toronto: When a water leak or water damage is first detected, make sure you call  the experts at Water Damage Toronto. We will arrive within 45 minutes - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

2. Assessment: Whether the damage is big or small, we will work on all projects. Our professionals will arrive to your home or business and assess the damage. After the inspection, we will explain how the damage has occured, why the damage has occured and the extent of the damage.

3. Water Damage Extraction: During this step, our water damage professionals will extract the water in your home or business with their advanced equipment. All furniture and belongings that may impact the procedure will be moved. 

4. Drying & Dehumidification: The affected areas will be dried and dehumidifed. During this stpe, mold is prevented from occuring. All affected property will be cleaned and restored back to pre-water damage conditions. 

water remediation process

Water extraction for water damage in Toronto

Water is extracted from your home or business.

Salvageable & non-salvageable items - Water Damage Toronto

Items & Contents are divided into salvageable & non-salvageable items.

Water Damage Toronto Cleanup Services

Water Damage experts dry & clean your property, restoring your home to normal conditions.

Customer Satisfaction - Water Damage Toronto

Water Damage Toronto keeps another customer happy!

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