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Keeping Water Out

Keeping Water Out

Water damage is a serious problem facing many homeowners today. The truth is that water can cause a terrible amount of damage and it can be multi-faceted in its effects. Water can make a perfect breeding ground for pests, bacteria and fungi. It can also ruin valuable heirlooms and electronics. Worst of all, water can build rust, ruin structures, and render wood soft and rotten. All of these potential dangers can add up to plenty of time and money spent to correct the damage done by natural processes. It would make sense to take every necessary precaution to protect your valuable things, your home itself and your loved ones that live inside it. Many of these flood precautions are common sense, but can be easily overlooked when so many things demand attention every day.

Beginning with the outside of the house, the yard is a place that many improvements can be made. It is important to be sure to clear any ditches and drain pipes to be sure they are free of blockage. These are extremely important for the dispersal of water, and backups are such to cause a flooded yard. Sandbags are a must if your house is at or below the flood plain in your area. These can be placed against doors to be sure to keep water out of the cracks beneath the door’s frame. Cleaning gutters is also a must. A clean gutter will carry water safely away from the house. Downspout extensions can be a great help in getting water as far away from the foundation as possible. In the yard, it is important to be sure that there are no troughs for water to get trapped inside, and one should also be sure the ground slopes away from the foundation. It is also intelligent to make flood plans with your neighbors. This can prevent any gaps in defense or any issue of rain being drained from one property right on to the other. Getting involved with the community preemptively can head off any potential spats before they ever even begin.

Inside the house, there are many do it yourself ways to improve your readiness. Inspecting the walls and floors carefully, especially around windows, doors and pipes, it is important to find and seal cracks in the foundation. There are sealants and cements that will expand to fill the holes and fissures completely. It could also be necessary to install sump pumps to push excess water out of your home. 



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