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Spring / Summer Rain Fall

Info On Summer Rain Water DamageSpring / Summer Rain Fall

Spring and Summer is full of sunshine and flowers but can also bring on unexpected periods of heavy rains. Unfortunately, this can lead to major water damage in Toronto homes which can lead to wet basements and drain backups.

Ensure to always keep an eye on the weather and watch for any heavy rainfall warnings that could result in water damages in Toronto. When a warning is given, make sure to keep all basement windows and doors closed and make sure they are properly sealed. Keep an eye on the basement in order to catch if there are any leaks that water may be coming in from.

Canada’s Restoration Services is your leading restoration company when it comes to water damage in Toronto. If you experience any water intrusion, make sure to call us right away. We have teams on standby, 24/7 and can be at your home within 45 minutes. Our highly trained and certified staff are here to help.
We understand how precious your home is and we take care of it as if it was one of our own.

Whether it is a sewage damage, plumbing leak, overland plumbing, window leaking, crack in the foundation, we will always identify the source, guide you how to rectify it and prevent any future water issues.

We will extract any sitting water from the water damage and install drying equipment to get the basement as dry as quickly as possible. Air movers and fans are put strategically to ensure full area coverage. Any contents you have in the basement, we can help move or store until your basement is restored. Our pack out services include packing and storing your precious belongings and keeping them safe during the restoration period. Once your home is restored, we will safely bring back your items in the same condition that they were taken away in.

Not only will remove all the water but we will clean all affected areas with anti-microbial to ensure no mold growth. Mold can grow very quickly after a water damage and it is important to get the area as dry as possible. Our certified teams are able to handle both mold and water and we can ensure that your property is in good hands!

This can also result in unexpected expenses if the water damage is not covered by insurance. We are proud to be the only company to offer FREE in house financing to help out in whatever way we can.
If this is a covered loss, we are approved by all insurance companies and are trained to deal with any size. We can handle the communications with the adjuster to ensure that all areas are looked after and the source is fixed.

Do not hesitate if you have a water damage in Toronto, give Canada’s #1 Restoration Company a call.
We stand strong by our motto and you will not be disappointed “It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it!”



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